Gluten Free Dairy Free Snack Recipe Round Up – The Kitchen Rag

Sigh… Something in my diet is making my skin angry. Very angry. So I put on my detective hat and started investigating. Its not my detergent, since I only use washing soda, or my bath products, since I only use Dr Bronner’s (and a lovely olive oil based soap one of my readers sent me from Greece!). Its not my make-up, since, well, I don’t really use make up. So, that leaves food allergies. 

Since I’m already gluten free, I decided to remove dairy for a while and see if my symptoms subside at all. So far, I have been off dairy for almost three weeks. My skin rash does look much better, but it’s not gone entirely. I’m planning to continue my elimination diet to see if there are any other offenders, but I wont take eggs, corn, or nuts out until after the holidays. Being gluten and dairy free while traveling is hard enough. Adding Christmas feasts graciously, but not always cautiously, prepared on top of that, is almost impossible. In fact, it’s been plenty complicated with just me cooking for myself. I didn’t realize how much butter, raw cheese, and raw milk I eat everyday! Figuring out what to eat for snacks especially has been hard. So I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying some new recipes.


Whether or not you are dairy or gluten fee  you should still try these delicious recipes with me! And don’t forget to tell me which one you loved the most!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Snacks

I love this curried chicken salad from DJ Foodie .Not only is it delicious, but it is so easy to make in big batches and just keep in fridge for those days I am on the go.


In fact, since its been so hard to give up my delicious raw cheese, I have been needing some more comfort food lately, like these wonderful paleo corn-dogs from Deliciously Organic.  Even your dairy and gluten eating friends will be jealous, I guarantee you!


Avocados have become my new best friend. I like eating them by themselves or topped with nutritional yeast and salt or even better… bacon. Primally Inspired definitely “inspired” me to make these bacon avocado cups with balsamic glaze! The recipe asks for a few teaspoons of butter, but you can replace that with some high quality coconut oil like this one.


The day I discovered I could make my own grain free crackers was a happy day! Check out this easy recipe for grain free crackers from Cheeseslave. Don’t worry, no dairy either! And check out that gorgeous fish roe! “These can’t be as good as regular crackers”, you’re thinking. You’re wrong!


How about a delicious dairy free, gluten free spread like this baba ghanoush, which I shared on the blog from The Paleo Mediterranean Cookbook.


I am not going to lie. I miss bread. But this recipe from Small Foot Print Family is easy to make and incredibly filling!  Plus it stores well for those snacky times. Try it loaded up with some delicious coconut butter.  It’s heavenly!


Although I can still have potato chips, I would rather not, since they almost are all drenched in hydrogenated vegetable oils. Don’t get me wrong, I still cheat every now and again, but not if I have some delicious chip alternatives around, like these zukinni chips from Veggie Converter


 or some crispy kale chips, loaded with vitamin K and healthy fats, from Grass Fed Girl


or sweet potato chips from Real Healy Vegetarian


Feeling adventurous and craving some veggies? Try these cauliflower poppers from Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.


Or this gorgeous whole roastedcauliflower with mint chutney from My New Roots. Can you tell I like cauliflower;)


 Craving something sweeter, but with no processed sugar? I highly suggest these sesame bars made by Savory Lotus. You wont regret it, trust me!


These little guys are from my own kitchen: raw coconut energy bites. They look fancy, but they are dead easy to make and just delightful to munch on when you are on the run and need something quick to snack on.


Besides trying these new recipes, two items have become staples in my pantry: sardines and smoked salmon. This is the brand of sardines I have been enjoying very much lately.

While I hope that my dairy-free diet is not permanent, I am slowly adjusting to this new way of eating, and very much enjoying all the new recipes there are to discover. In fact, tonight we are going over to dinner at a friend’s house, there are three or four people on various dietary restrictions. Lamb stew with root veggies, and salad is taken, so we have the side dish. Guess I’m off to find a cool new gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and mushroom-free side dish! Wish me luck!