Roasted Chicken Liver For Breakfast

This morning I woke up with quite an appetite. I think subconsciously I have communicated to my body that I will be switching to a sugar free diet for the week. What could be more nutritious than: farm fresh eggs, raw butter, sour dough spelt bread, and roasted chicken liver for breakfast! Don't let me scare you away with my appetite for chicken liver. If you ask my husband whether I am a picky eater he will wholeheartedly say "YES!". We have had many dinners with me picking at my food, simply because of weird flavors, spiciness, or dry meat. In fact when it comes to livers I am also very particular. I don't like cow's liver. It is too potent and smells to grassy even after being cooked in delicious flavors, it retains the internal organ smell. The only way I eat it cow's liver is dehydrated and packed  into capsules. [...]

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What’s For Breakfast?

  If you are looking for breakfast ideas.This is a delicious and easy to fix breakfast if you have some mashed potatoes left overs and some fresh farm eggs.   Garliky Latkes with Parmesan Cheese Sunny Side Up Eggs Blueberries

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