Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

I did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving. The first time I partook of the celebration I was eighteen. My host parents had an amazing spread of food, all new to me; from the cranberry sauce to the pumpkin pie to the sweet potato casserole. It was a feast of unknown flavors, smells, and presentations. Several years later I became more familiar with the holiday and became intrigued with one dish in particular: stuffing. Probably because we don't have stuffing as a traditional holiday food in Europe. For the longest time I thought pre-packaged stuffing was more convenient than the homemade version. I was pleasantly surprised three years ago when I made my first batch of homemade stuffing that not only was it easy to make but I could tweak the recipe and use gluten-free breads to lower the amount of gluten in my meal. Are you interested in making your own homemade stuffing this Thanksgiving? This is a [...]

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Fruit Roll-Ups and Plum Butter

These last couple of weeks have been rich with harvest. Happy Fall everyone! The other day I was making plum butter, tomato sauce, and pumpkin soup, when one of William Blake's poems came to mind. O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain'd With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit Beneath my shady roof; there thou may'st rest, And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe, And all the daughters of the year shall dance! Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers. (Excerpt from the poem "To Autumn") And autumn has truly been singing "the lusty song of fruits" to us in the form of huge quantities of plums! At first I tried to eat as many fresh plums as I could. I like to abide by the rule of eating foods that are in season. But after a while I realized that I wasn't making too [...]

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Homemade Lacto-Fermented Sour Pickles

People often ask me if I there's any snack I just can't get enough of. While I am interested in improving my health and learning to balance my diet, there is one food I would munch on any time: sour pickles. As a child, we had a large wooden barrel in the cellar that we would load with cucumbers in the Fall, in order to begin the lacto-fermentation process that would result in crisp, tangy sour pickles. We would  usually polish them off by April or so. When I came to the US, the pickles from the store were sorely disappointing. They tasted vinegary, the labels on the back listed ingredients I couldn't pronounce, and they even gave me heart burn. So I stopped eating pickles unless I had eight bucks to blow on a jar of Bubbies, which truth be told did not happen very often. Then, 3 years ago, I married [...]

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Ingredients: 3 egg yolks 1/3 cup cold pressed sesame oil or macadamia oil (macadamia is preferred, but significantly more expensive) 1/2 tsp of Dijon mustard 2 tsp lemon juice one pinch of salt Preparation: Beat egg yolks in a food processor along with mustard, salt, and lemon juice until pale and frothy. Slowly incorporate the oil while beating, preferably using your food processor's emulsifier (drizzle hole). Taste periodically for texture and flavor; stop before the taste of the oil becomes prominent (will vary individually with specific oils) or the texture becomes fluid.  Can be served immediately, but is best if chilled for at least an hour. Use within three days. Variations: Add cumin (to taste) to perfectly accent some lamb burgers.For simple Tartar sauce, mix two parts mayonnaise with one part finely diced lacto-fermented sour pickles, 1 additional tsp of lemon juice, and salt & pepper.For Thousand Island Dressing, i.e. "Special Sauce", use two parts mayonnaise, two parts ketchup, two parts [...]

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Bacon & Sweet-Corn Chowder

The first time I made this soup it was a total accident. We had some random ingredients in our fridge and I had to come up with something to feed a hungry husband.The results were so delicious that I have began since to make it regularly. It's full of saturated fats and very hearty. Works great as leftovers, too.   Ingredients: 6-8 slices of nitrate free, organic bacon, chopped 1-large sweet onion, thinly chopped 4 -medium red or Yukon gold potatoes, finely chopped 2 cups of fresh or frozen corn About 2 quarts of homemade chicken broth, find it here 2 cups of organic, preferably raw, whole milk 1 cup of organic, preferably raw, heavy cream 1/2 cup raw cheddar, optional 2-3 tsp of Sea Salt, find it here 2-3 tsp of black crushed pepper 1 tsp turmeric Prep time: 10 minutes Cook time: 30 minutes Serving: 4 hungry people;) Disclaimer: When you begin making this soup you may add [...]

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Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

As I explained in an earlier post, one of the best ways to fortify your gut with good healthy bacteria is lacto-fermentation, a process which results in some of the most mouth-watering foods around. My favorite is sauerkraut, but with a little whey and/or salt, you can ferment all sorts of veggies. Here is my sauerkraut recipe, step by step. Ingredients: 2 medium-large heads of Cabbage About 1/3 cup whey (optional) About 1 tbsp sea salt Herbs & spices (mustard seed, dill, caraway, pepper, bay leaf, juniper berries) (find it here) Directions: 1. Chop the cabbage into quarters. 2. Slice it into as long, fine strips as you can. Tip: The lid you see in the background of Step 1 is from our food processor; we tried to use it initially, but we found that it just diced the cabbage into bits. For this task, your hands and a sharp knife are [...]

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Greek Lamb Burgers

We recently visited Deck family farm and purchased a meat CSA box from them. These delicious burgers were made with the ground lamb we got from them. I confess that since I moved to the USA I have been unable to eat lamb. It never tastes as good as the lamb my grandparents raised - at least until I had these lamb burgers. Deck Family's meat lacks that too-strong sheepy taste that some lamb meat has, but still retains a robust and unique flavor. The feta cheese, cumin mayo, and marinated onions compliment the meat with zesty overtones. Grass-fed lamb is extremely nutritious for your body. It contains nearly as much omega 3 fatty acid as fish, as well as vitamin B3, B12, Selenium, Zinc, and Phosphorus - but only if it is grass fed! The recipe will again be presented by my husband, since he cooks burgers just right and I snap the pictures. ; ) [...]

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Sunday Morning Smoothie

My husband and I came up with this recipe on a Sunday morning after the sad realization that we had no eggs and bacon in the fridge. We gathered all of the ingredients we had left in our fridge and in our fruit basket and decided to make a smoothie. The result was absolute deliciousness! This recipe has a ton of nutrients and good fats to last you until lunch time. Avocados are a great addition to smoothies; they contain Folic Acid, Vitamin E, K, B5, B6, Potassium, and monounsaturated fats that help increase the HDL, good cholesterol, levels in the bloodstream.   Ingredients: 2 Cucumbers 1 Pear 2 Avocados 2 cups of frozen blueberries 1 cup of raw cream, if dairy intolerant you can replace the cream with coconut milk or just make extra cucumber and pear juice. You will probably have to double the juice recipe.   Directions: Wash all the produce. De-seed  the avocados [...]

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Pizza (W/ Gluten Free Dough)

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. It is easy to throw together, delicious, and, if done correctly, can be very healthy too! Conventional pizza crust, while it can be absolutely delightful, especially if made by a master baker, doesn't do all that well after it goes down the hatch. The starches and gluten cause terrible inflammation. Fortunately for me and for my husband I discovered Natasha Campbell's almond flour dough recipe; since then it seems like we make pizza every chance we get! After dinner I never experience indigestion, and the pizza is every bit as delightful, in its own way, as if it had been made with the finest italian bread. The dough is very simple and a good deal easier to make; you don't have to use yeast or wait hours for it to rise. I have also made some slight alterations to the recipe to make the crust less [...]

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Revitilizing Green Juice

One of the best health investments we have made in our lives so far has been a juicer we received for Christmas. It has been a fun science experiment combining plants together and hoping that the end result will be drinkable. I did have to hold my nose and chug a few glasses of muddy-tasting green sludge but slowly we are a learning what combinations of plants taste better than others. Here is a basic recipe for juicing (mostly) vegetables that we found to be both affordable (in season) and loaded with antioxidants. It costs us about 9 dollars for the whole array of plants we juice. If some of you might think it is too expensive, remember it is for two people so it is only $4.50 each. Also if you are on a really tight budget, just skip the green salad for dinner and drink the juice instead. [...]

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