Kefir Cheese Suspended in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Has your raw milk ever turned sour? Perhaps you left it out for too long and it separated? It happens. The bad news that it probably tastes too strong to drink (unless you are my dad -  he drinks soured milk, old borscht, and stale bread. Yea, my dad is cool like that.) But don't throw it out! Your milk hasn't gone bad, it has simply changed forms. Now is your chance to make some delicious homemade cheese. In Moldova, I learned to make this particular cheese at a very young age. Unlike other cheeses, its quite simple and the only thing it absolutely requires is a jar or two of raw milk. We often use it to make various cheese-breads, spread it on toast, or even feed the chickens with it if it's too sour for us! Yes, little chicks love this simple cheese. When I began making this [...]

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Easy Homemade Raw Greek Yogurt

Interested in making your own Greek yogurt from raw milk? Well here is a recipe so easy that the yogurt practically makes itself! I have spent a lot of time feeling discouraged by rather involved yogurt recipes. This is not one of them. Here is a list of things you will NOT need: a yogurt maker a cheese thermometer a special yogurt culture ... I know, right? Ingredients Half a gallon of raw milk, or however much yogurt you want to make Two tablespoons of your favorite plain Greek Yogurt Directions 1. Pour the raw milk in a pot. 2. Place it on the stove on low heat. 3. Warm the milk over the stove till it reaches about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can heat it up higher, but you run the risk of pasteurizing the milk. I don't know about you, but I am not interested in eating pasteurized yogurt. Read more [...]

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Wholesome Family Farm: A Raw Milk Photo Essay

Yesterday we visited Wholesome Family Farm. This is a photo-essay dedicated to what we saw at a small dairy farm here in Oregon. I am not recommending this one, above others. I believe that everyone should visit the farms they choose to purchase the milk themselves and decide if it is up to their standard of cleanliness and quality.  For more information on other dairy farms in Oregon and the rest of US visit realmilk. We were thrilled to hear that they sell not only raw milk but butter and cream also! The dairy is only a year old and it has nine cows. Joe and his wife Cammie gave us a tour. Note: See my posts, the Problem With Milk Part I and Part II - Problem Solved, to read more about the benefits and risks of drinking raw milk. When we stepped onto their farm this delightful lady met us with [...]

The Problem with Milk Part II – Problem Solved

Most people believe that raw milk and cream causes high LDL, (also known as bad cholesterol) levels in their blood stream. The media has bombarded us with information that vilifies raw milk not only because it is dirty but because of its allegedly "artery-clogging" fats. So we drink our skimmed, irradiated, vitamin D fortified, pasteurized milk, and yet heart attacks and cancer continue to skyrocket since the turn of the century. One has to pose the question: what are we doing wrong and what did our great grandparents do right? (To read part one of "The Problem With Milk" where I explore the history of pasteurized milk go here.) My grandparents owned a flock of sheep their entire life. They consumed copious amounts of raw cheese, milk, butter, and cream. My eighty-nine-year old grandma just finished planting her vegetable garden. My grandfather passed away last year at the ripe age of ninety-seven. He [...]

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Sunday Morning Smoothie

My husband and I came up with this recipe on a Sunday morning after the sad realization that we had no eggs and bacon in the fridge. We gathered all of the ingredients we had left in our fridge and in our fruit basket and decided to make a smoothie. The result was absolute deliciousness! This recipe has a ton of nutrients and good fats to last you until lunch time. Avocados are a great addition to smoothies; they contain Folic Acid, Vitamin E, K, B5, B6, Potassium, and monounsaturated fats that help increase the HDL, good cholesterol, levels in the bloodstream.   Ingredients: 2 Cucumbers 1 Pear 2 Avocados 2 cups of frozen blueberries 1 cup of raw cream, if dairy intolerant you can replace the cream with coconut milk or just make extra cucumber and pear juice. You will probably have to double the juice recipe.   Directions: Wash all the produce. De-seed  the avocados [...]

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The Problem With Milk – Part 1

Recently while flipping through a magazine I stumbled across a "got milk" add featuring Taylor Swift with a milk mustache. On the one hand I was glad that such a teen idol was using her fame to encourage healthier habits in teenagers; on the other hand I couldn't help wondering what kind of milk was she advertising for. Skim milk, irradiated, homogenized, 2%, or raw? There seem to be so many different choices for milk now-a-days that simply advertising for "milk" is not enough. The food industry has created so many varieties, each with it's own myriad of  "health benefits" that it completely baffles the consumer. In this post I will begin to explore the origins of milk pasteurization and the real reasons for the huge switch from raw to pasteurized milk at the turn of the century. Before the advent of pasteurization the milkman would distribute jars of fresh, raw milk on every porch around [...]

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