Raw Coconut Energy Bites

Yesterday the early sun light found me curled up on the couch under a mint green blanket reading a massive nutrition textbook. After several hours of reviewing materials I promised myself a treat to help me stay focused  so I dragged myself to the kitchen in search of something to feed my brain; something containing glucose paired with some good, stable fats for a slow absorption. After staring at my refrigerator shelf for about ten minutes I moved on to the pantry, scanning all the shelves and grabbing out random little goodies. The results of my little expedition were these amazing treats which gave me plenty of brain power to keep studying and ace my test ;-) Ingredients: 1 cup pitless dried medjool dates, find it here 1 cup of dried cranberry   1/4 cup of cacao, find it here 2 tablespoons of  chia seeds, find it here 1/2 cup of [...]