Why Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Better than Regular Olive Oil?

My interest in olive oil began a few months ago when I picked up Tom Mueller's book " The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil" which I highly recommend.  Before, even up to six months ago, I would randomly pick up a medium priced olive oil bottle that was labeled organic and would regularly shake my head at the ridiculously high price of the dark slender bottle of extra virgin olive juice next to it. "Who buys this stuff?!" I thought. Now I know, an informed public who knows the real value of extra virgin olive oil. Here is what convinced me to start buying extra virgin olive oil. Did you hear? A daily dose of extra virgin olive oil may act as a natural pain reliever! According to Beauchamp, "newly pressed extra-virgin olive oil contains oleocanthal--a compound whose pungency induces a strong stinging sensation in the throat, not [...]

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Kefir Cheese Suspended in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Has your raw milk ever turned sour? Perhaps you left it out for too long and it separated? It happens. The bad news that it probably tastes too strong to drink (unless you are my dad -  he drinks soured milk, old borscht, and stale bread. Yea, my dad is cool like that.) But don't throw it out! Your milk hasn't gone bad, it has simply changed forms. Now is your chance to make some delicious homemade cheese. In Moldova, I learned to make this particular cheese at a very young age. Unlike other cheeses, its quite simple and the only thing it absolutely requires is a jar or two of raw milk. We often use it to make various cheese-breads, spread it on toast, or even feed the chickens with it if it's too sour for us! Yes, little chicks love this simple cheese. When I began making this [...]

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Is Your Olive Oil Adulterated with Rancid Vegetable Oil?

Your olive oil is adulterated with rancid vegetable oil. While the FDA is too busy closing down honest farmers selling raw milk, the olive oil industry is run by a veritable mafia, making millions by cheating their customers. Why You Should Eat Olive Oil Olive oil has many of the health benefits touted by doctors and the media alike . In fact numerous studies have shown that olive oil protects you from heart disease, balances fatty acids in your body, reduces inflammation, and promotes healthy digestion. All these wonderful healing properties are due to the powerful combination of monounsaturated fats and unique polyphenols it contains. Many scientists and nutritionists attribute the longevity of Greeks and Italians to the high amount of fresh, high quality olive oil they consume on a daily basis.   The Mediterranean diet is associated with a lower incidence of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative diseases and certain types of [...]

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Truth About Fats III: The Story Behind Vegetable Oil

This post is dedicated to decoding vegetable oil labels and finding oils that offer healthy, living supplement of omega - 6 fatty acids. There are three major methods of extracting oils from nuts and seeds: the cold pressed method, the expeller method, and the solvent method. Oil Extraction Methods The Cold-Pressed Method The cold pressed method is the best method of extracting oil without oxidizing it. Most large companies will use heavy granite or stainless steel presses. While some heat is generated by the friction, it must remain below 120* F (49* C) in order to be labeled cold pressed in the US. These  parameters change when you purchase cold pressed oil from any of the countries in the European Union, where the limit is 80* F (27* C). If the heat goes above this temperature, the labels will say "pressed" as opposed to "cold pressed'. The lower the temperature, the more of [...]

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