The Lexicon of Sustainability

I have recently stumbled across The Lexicon of Sustainability while I was reading Food Renegade. In my last post I tried to lay out some alternative options to industrial produce. This is a blog that also describes what those choices are via pictures and videos. It is the story of two photographers who traveled across the country for a couple of years in search of people who abandoned the industrial system of food production and are building a new one! Lexicon of Sustainability: This is the Story of An Egg from lexicon of sustainability on Vimeo.

What then shall we eat?

In my two previous posts I tried to elaborate on what makes conventional food dangerous and why organic food is not perfect. My purpose is not to confuse the reader, but simply to offer enough information on both sides so that we can all make informed decisions about the food we choose to purchase. We have established that conventional produce is full of deadly pesticides. Unfortunately we also discovered that organic has it's own set of issues. Most organic companies selling at whole food stores have become too gigantic to still adhere to the same principles established at People's Park in 1969. They are looking for ways to cheat the system and yet maintain the idyllic image of the hippie family farm. Still while organic has become corrupted over the years, the choices it offers are better than conventional. Even if some of the bigger organic companies use some pesticides, [...]

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