Are You Skinny Enough?

Skinny is the new beautiful. It doesn't matter what body type you are - if you don't have a petite frame and a size 0, you could do better. This is a message twelve year old girls and fifty year old women alike get bombarded with relentlessly. We see it in movies, we see it on billboards, we see it modeled on the mannequins in storefronts. We see it everywhere. We are a society obsessed with skinny. Sadly, our enthusiasm for "healthy" doesn't even come close to such levels. As our main concern continues to be "skinny",  obesity rates, together with cancer and heart attacks, rise at increasing rates. Did you know that retail sales for weight loss products are near $4.5 billion annually? The total industry revenue exceeds $40 billion.  Source 60% of US adults are currently overweight according to the CDC (source), so something is clearly not working. The more [...]

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Truth About Fats II : Vegetable Oil

For the last fifty years, the public has been bombarded with propaganda about the benefits of vegetable oil. Pork fat, beef tallow, and butter have been vilified and blamed for high cholesterol, heart attacks, cancer, obesity, etc. In this post I will attempt to trace the history of the vegetable oil and question whether it is indeed as heart-healthy as all the advertisements make it out to be. I will begin by introducing the different kinds of fatty acids. Saturated fats - found in animal fats and tropical oils. They have no double bonds between individual atom carbons. All the bonds are "saturated" with hydrogen atoms. Saturated fats are stable at room temperature, and ideal for cooking at high temperatures. Monounsaturated fats - found in olive, avocado, macadamia, and almond oil. They have one unsaturated carbon bond. They are not as stable as saturated fats, and thus they stay liquid at room temperature. [...]

The Truth About The Low Fat Theory

If you google images for cholesterol or heart attacks, you will inevitably end up looking through countless images of eggs, bacon, butter, cheese, and the like. Everybody loves bacon, and yet we are told it is a guilty pleasure that causes high cholesterol and coronary heart disease. I will begin with the origins of the "low fat hypothesis", or "lipid theory", since it is where our fears of consuming too much bacon and butter originate from. If some of you are wondering what the lipid hypothesis, or low fat theory, is, here is a great explanation by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon from their book Eat Fat, Lose Fat. We eat a diet containing too much cholesterol and saturated fats, and as a result we develop a high level of cholesterol in our blood. High cholesterol causes arteriosclerosis. Atherosclerosis obstructs the vessels that bring blood to the heart, resulting in heart disease. I [...]

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