How I Lost Ten Pounds and Healed My Hypoglycemia

If you suffer from confusion, irritability, impatience, shakiness, or inability to complete simple tasks when you miss a meal or just haven't eaten in a few hours, you might consider trying to make some dietary and life style changes. These symptoms are typical for a condition called Hypoglycemia, which is connected to low blood sugar levels. Please read Part One where I explore what hypoglycemia actually is and what causes it.   I did not suffer from low blood sugar levels as a child. Unfortunately I became hypoglycemic in college due to a diet of processed foods, soft drinks, sugar, pastries, caffeine, and lack of sleep. It has taken a long time to heal but I have not had a severe low blood sugar episode in more than six months! I still occasionally get slightly lightheaded if I am hungry but it is rare and I watch my blood sugar levels like a hawk. Hypoglycemia can contribute [...]

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What Is Reactive Hypoglycemia?

"What do you mean dinner isn't ready yet?", I ask in an aggressive, irritated tone and I can feel my eyes flooding with tears. I am trying to stay calm but I am so angry. My husband has seen this before. "When was the last time you ate?", he asks as he hands me a few slices of cheese.I grab the food with shaky fingers and wolf it down. I close my eyes and wait for the surge of glucose through my blood stream. I am breathing steadily again. My anger, along with my pounding headache are slowly going away. "About four hours ago.", I say."That's too long, sweetie." he says gently as he is leading me to the couch."I know, I know." I retort sadly,  "I just wish I could last without food for a couple of hours and not turn into a monster!" Have you experienced this before? How about confusion, irritability, impatience, shakiness or [...]

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