Heavenly Oatmeal

I was never a big fan of oatmeal. It just never tasted good to me. I love my eggs and bacon in the morning, but sometimes you just don't have time for it. Since my recent dietary changes and my (hopefully) temporary lactose intolerance, I had to give up things like my jar of whole milk for breakfast on the run. That's when I rediscovered oatmeal, but with a twist that makes it just heavenly, and oh so healing for your digestive tract. The secret, as usual, is in the toppings ;) I know, I know, its a lot of carbs and sugar. So I don't eat this every day and if I'm going to, it better have some good fats - coconut oil is a great candidate.  Raw honey and freshly crushed peanut butter or almond butter are great compliments. Don't knock it till you try it. For a [...]

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Roasted Pork Loin With Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Looking for something fancy, delicious, and easy to make  for the holidays? Pork loin is a great option. It takes less than an hour and the results can be incredible. We made it for almost sixty guests two weeks ago at an early Christmas party and it was a hit. Plus, it caters to those who forgo dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, corn, etc. Pork loin is delightful by itself, but it's also a blank slate just waiting for some holiday cheer in the form of a tasty topping like sauteed apples, or in this case, cranberry sauce - we still had some left over from Thanksgiving. Thank you Elizabeth for the wonderful photo. I was too busy running around in the kitchen trying to get the rest of the dishes ready. Plus my photo wouldn't have looked this good anyways;) Ingredients Pork Loin Sea Salt Pepper Lard or butter if you [...]

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Snack Recipe Round Up

Sigh... Something in my diet is making my skin angry. Very angry. So I put on my detective hat and started investigating. Its not my detergent, since I only use washing soda, or my bath products, since I only use Dr Bronner's (and a lovely olive oil based soap one of my readers sent me from Greece!). Its not my make-up, since, well, I don't really use make up. So, that leaves food allergies.  Since I'm already gluten free, I decided to remove dairy for a while and see if my symptoms subside at all. So far, I have been off dairy for almost three weeks. My skin rash does look much better, but it's not gone entirely. I'm planning to continue my elimination diet to see if there are any other offenders, but I wont take eggs, corn, or nuts out until after the holidays. Being gluten and dairy free [...]

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Citrus Immune-Boosting Smoothie

For over a week I have been fighting a nasty sore throat that took away most of my voice and all of my energy. At first hot tea was soothing, but as my fever went up, the idea of drinking anything hot made feel like I would combust. So instead, I stumbled into my kitchen in an attempt to make myself something cooling and full of vitamin C. I had also barely eaten all day, but couldn't work up an appetite for dinner. I was going to try and simulate this recipe, but after looking through the kitchen I realized all I had was limes and oranges. But this didn't stop me; I really wanted that smoothie! So I made a pretty basic recipe, but it turned out delightful!  I love this smoothie for  a few reasons: It is delicious. You could serve it for desert at a dinner party with a sprig [...]

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Gluten Intolerance: You’re Next in Line

Did you know that: 1) The delicious bagels, doughnuts, Challah bread, and fluffy cakes you eat are not made with the same wheat your grandparents ate. 2) The incidence of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance in the US has increased 4x since 1950. 3) My mother can't eat American wheat. As you might suspect, all these statements are very much related, and in what follows I will show you why. But first let's talk about my background for a second. A Hunk of Bread in One Hand... I was born in the Republic of Moldova, in Eastern Europe, on a small farm. In my culture bread is considered holy and we believe it is a sin to throw it away. If bread goes moldy, we scrape the mold off and feed it to our animals, not the trash can. This reverence we have towards bread comes from the fact that [...]

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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Round Up

I didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but I have learned to really love this holiday since I made the US my second home. I love the turkey, the stuffing, the salads, the desserts, but above all I love the fellowship and the opportunity to give thanks and express gratitude for the precious people in my life.  Still, food is important and nutritious food cooked from scratch is something your body will also be thankful for during the holidays. So let's forget store bought stuffing, cans of mushrooms soup, the bags of chips and make some real food for the holidays! Tell me you don't want to make all of these dishes for Thanksgiving!?They are all gluten free and will turn your table into a symphony of colors. If you are having a smaller Thanksgiving or the idea of preparing a whole turkey is overwhelming , this easy to make delicious recipe for [...]

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Polenta Bruscheta

The most creative recipes in our home come to life around the end of the week, when we're trying to scramble together the last contents of our fridge and pantry shelves into something delicious and nutritious. Its a challenge I like to take on although, the results can be hit or miss. Thank goodness I'm married to someone who loves my food, and after seeing me pluck and gut a chicken thinks I am going to be the next Julia Child ;-) This last Friday night I got lucky. One of our friends gave us a whole jar of fresh homemade goat cheese and another friend brought me fresh tomatoes from her garden. I put these two ingredients on the kitchen table and started raiding the fridge: a few slices of bacon, a block of cheddar cheese, two sticks of butter, and some leftover Masa Harina. As soon I saw [...]

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Corn Tortillas

When I informed my husband that I was done buying tortillas at the store  since I can easily make my own for way cheaper at home, he gave me a "my wife is the coolest" look and a high five. What I didn't tell him is that I never made my own tortillas. In fact, having been a wild child in a small farming community in Eastern Europe, the first time I even had a burrito was when I came to the US. So I am still a newbie to cooking Mexican cuisine. Last week I put frozen peas in chili... it was an accident I swear!  I even tried to pick them out before I handed my husband his bowl but he noticed and he's been making fun of me since. So I went to the store and, for  just a  couple bucks, bought Masa Harina, which means "flour [...]

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Sweet and Spicy Carnitas Tacos

This last weekend I went to an herbalism conference and had the honor of listening to the author of this book speak in front of more than three hundred people. My girlfriend and I were sipping one some herbal tea when we got a whiff of something delicious from a cart called Gastronomad next door. During the break, we ran outside to try what ended up being some out-of-this-world tacos, made with fresh local meat and produce from inside a little van. When I got home I described them to my husband; then I mentioned them before we went to bed; and then I described them again to him when we woke up; and then later while we were eating breakfast. Clayton, being the good man that he is, drove to the butcher shop, and came back with a pork shoulder. When he saw my confused face he said "We are making those [...]

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Coconut Mango Avocado Smoothie

The other day I walked into the kitchen and one of my housemates had me sample her smoothie. I just about died and went to heaven. It was creamy, sweet, and refreshing! It had only two ingredients: mango and full fat coconut milk.  I wanted to drink the whole glass, but I exercised some self control and ran to the store to buy the ingredients so I could make one myself! Since it was close to dinnertime, I decided to throw in an avocado for some extra fatty goodness. When the husband came home I gave him a glass of this concoction, and when I asked what he wanted for dinner,  he told me he was stuffed, like he ate a whole rack of ribs. Score for me since our kitchen is a sauna in the summer!   I love this smoothie because it's delicious, gluten free, sugar free, easy [...]

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