What Happend With The Last Two Months.

Picking peaches at a local farm. Many of you have asked me what happened and why I stopped posting. I assure you it is not because I lack ideas and topics to discuss with you all. But my silence has been mostly due to an incredible amount of changes and events that happened one after the other in the last couple of months. A week after my laparoscopic surgery surgery I witnessed the amazing home birth of my best friend's, healthy, eight pound six ounce baby girl surrounded by lots of sunshine and love. Between organizing meals, encapsulating Jackie's placenta, and falling inlove with her baby the blog had to take a break. Baby Athena, a week old. Two weeks later we began packing our tiny downtown apartment after we took on the position as house managers for the residence program for the private, liberal arts college my husband and I graduated [...]

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My Laparoscopic Appendectomy

A trip to the Emergency Room   Our last weekend started like any other: reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. The nausea began Saturday afternoon while we were enjoying a good cup of tea and an interesting conversation at J-Tea. I chose to ignore it at first and attributed it to my overly abundant fresh fruit snack. But the nausea continued, eventually followed by sharp stabbing pains in my back. While my husband was driving me home, I threw up for the third time in my life; at this point I knew something was really wrong. I decided it was probably food poisoning and began self-medicating with mineral water, Swedish bitters, and probiotics. By 9 pm I developed a 102.4 fever and chills. I took some Tylenol PM and went to bed thinking maybe I had the stomach flu. On Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better; no [...]

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Why I Take Antibiotic Prescriptions Seriously

This past weekend I went in to have my two lower wisdom teeth removed. While some of you might cringe and shake your head in sympathy, the experience was not bad at all. I opted for conscious sedation, the doctor categorically refused to preform the surgery with only local anesthesia even though I tried to explain to him that in Europe it is a common practice. The whole experience was short and efficient. Post Surgery Face Afterwards, I was sent home with prescriptions for 15 Hydrocodone and 30 Keflex antibiotics. Before the surgery the nurse talked to me about the medicine I was to receive afterwards. Nurse: You will take the antibiotic after the surgery in case you get any infections in your mouth. Me: What if I don't get any infections in my mouth after the surgery? Nurse: We advise our patients to take it just in case. After mouth surgeries most people develop [...]

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The idea for this blog was born after I enrolled in a graduate program for a Masters in Science and Holistic Nutrition. I have always been interested in "real food" and wholesome ingredients but after beginning my program I realized how important it was to share the valuable information I was learning with my friends, my community and everyone else who is interested but has been intimidated by the massive amount of scattered information on nutrition. This is going to be a learning panel for both me and everyone else who chooses to read it. Something about me... my name is Diana and I am blessed with a patient husband, and an amazing community to whom this entire blog is dedicated to. You all inspire me.

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