Dairy Intolerance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Did you know that although more than 50 millions Americans are lactose intolerant, more than 70% of them don't relate their symptoms to the ingestion of lactose. Why? Because everyone seems to have a different reaction to a dairy intolerance, some symptoms being more obvious than others. A few days ago I asked my dairy-free readers on The Kitchen Rag's Facebook page if they had any other symptoms besides diarrhea, flatulence, bloatedess, or cystic acne - the more classic symptoms of a dairy intolerance- when they ingested dairy products. Here are some of their answers: The Bad "Oozing rash across the back of my fingers. Found out about lactose intolerance after a break from it. I still flirt with it sometimes, as it's hard to resist! Most immediate symptom seems to be the whole surface of my scalp seems to jump off within 24 hours... Not too pretty!" "Pain in my joints. Completely dairy [...]