Drinking Broth Recipe

I love homemade chicken broth. I add it to soups, gravies, vegetables, rice, and really anything else that is simmering in my kitchen. Chicken broth does not only make all our food burst with flavor but it is extremely nutritious and healing. However, when it comes to drinking straight chicken broth, I am not a fan. Not in this universe. I am aware of its many benefits so I WANT to WANT to drink broth. One reason I am adamant about introducing more homemade broth into our diet is the wealth of nutrients it contains, like: amino acids, calcium , phosphorus,  glycosaminoglycans, and gelatin, to support our joints and immune system, heal our gut, and maintain a good hormonal balance. The Coconut Mama has a great article on the benefits of bone broth here. Here is my dilemma: to me, chicken broth by itself smells and tastes too much like a cup [...]

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The Alkaline Diet – Snake Oil or Common Sense?

There are a lot of fad diets out there. Often, they claim to be the ultimate healing regime. They will cure you of disease or cancer, melt the extra pounds right off your midriff, or make you look ten years younger. As soon as I start reading something that tells me that once I perform one special routine or purchase certain brands, I will start feeling amazing and all my health problems will go away, I move on. Some of these schemes have some great things to offer, but I am skeptical of their good intentions. A couple of years ago an obnoxious website completely turned off any interest I had in the Alkaline Diet. Thankfully, I began studying  more about the pH balance of foods in one of my nutrition classes, and, while I admit I was rather skeptical at first, what I have learned just might have changed my mind. [...]

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Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe

I did not grow up celebrating Thanksgiving. The first time I partook of the celebration I was eighteen. My host parents had an amazing spread of food, all new to me; from the cranberry sauce to the pumpkin pie to the sweet potato casserole. It was a feast of unknown flavors, smells, and presentations. Several years later I became more familiar with the holiday and became intrigued with one dish in particular: stuffing. Probably because we don't have stuffing as a traditional holiday food in Europe. For the longest time I thought pre-packaged stuffing was more convenient than the homemade version. I was pleasantly surprised three years ago when I made my first batch of homemade stuffing that not only was it easy to make but I could tweak the recipe and use gluten-free breads to lower the amount of gluten in my meal. Are you interested in making your own homemade stuffing this Thanksgiving? This is a [...]

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Coconut-Ginger Chicken Soup

I am posting this recipe at the request of my dear friend Walter. Earlier this week he had a knee surgery and I made him this soup the night he came back from the hospital. I decided on a chicken-based broth soup vs a vegetable-based broth soup because I wanted the collagen and minerals in the broth to work their wonders on his knee. This recipe is one of my all times favorites. The coconut milk is full of potassium and calcium and the ginger with the lemon aids digestion. It is nourishing, delicious, and surprisingly filling. It is from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Tradition's Cookbook, page 199. I have made some slight alterations in order to adjust the taste to our needs, but feel free to experiment with it and add the ingredients according to your preferences. The measurements are simply suggestions to get you started. I did not take any photos of the [...]

Roasted Chicken with Gluten Free Gravy

  I love roasted chicken but I love gravy with roasted chicken even more. This is a simple recipe we enjoy making on a regular basis because it tastes delicious, it has healthy saturated fats, it is great for left overs, and the gravy is gluten free. Roasted Chicken 2-3 pounds of farm raised chicken 1/2 cup of unsalted Kerrygold butter or olive oil 2-3 tsp dried or fresh Rosemary 1 tsp paprika 1/2 lemon 2 tsp freshly ground pepper 1 tsp Celtic sea salt 1/2 onion Preheat the oven at 400 degrees. Rinse the chicken with filtered water if available and then pat it dry with a paper towel. While it dries out completely, heat the butter, if you are using olive oil you do not need to heat it up. Once the butter is heated add the ground pepper, sea salt, paprika, rosemary, and squeeze the lemon into [...]

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Magic Mineral Broth

This recipe is from the book "The  Cancer Fighting Kitchen" by Rebecca Katz. I highly recommend her book and her website especially if you have a dear one diagnosed with cancer or if you are interested in learning what foods have cancer fighting agents. Her recipes are deeply nourishing, easily digestible, and very versatile. I was very skeptical about making this particular broth, I always thought a good hearty broth ought to have some chicken or beef in it. But  this recipe took me by surprise. The sweetness of the yams, sweet potatoes, and carrots in combination with the kombu, a seaweed full of minerals and fiber, make this broth extremely delicious. In fact I prefer drinking it while I am at work rather than a regular chicken broth because it is tasty even when it gets cold. I made quite a bit of it last time and shared it with at least six different people who all [...]

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