Quick Daily Liver Cleanse

For the last couple of months I have been fascinated by the human liver. Did you know that the liver has more than five hundred functions in the body? "Your four-and-a-half pound liver manufactures 13,000 chemicals and has 2,000 enzyme systems, plus thousands of synergists that help the body function." says Liz Lipski, PhD in her book Digestive Wellness. Among the liver's five hundred functions are: Detoxing, cleansing, and purifying blood Producing and excreting bile Activating enzymes Excreting bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones and drugs Storing glycogen, vitamins and minerals Synthesizing plasma proteins Producing aminoacids. It is also one of the few organs that can regenerate itself. However, repetitive damage and severe toxins like pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, alcohol, and dyes can lead to liver failure, dysfunction, cancer, and ultimately even death. Once I realized how many bodily functions my poor liver has to orchestrate on a daily basis, I began looking into ways that I could relieve some [...]