You’re Pooping Wrong

Did you know that: A) Appendicitis, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, hernias, diverticulosis, and hemorrhoids all may be caused by improper fecal elimination. B) I grew up using only an outhouse. Although you might be puzzled, both of these statements have more in common than you think. Stay with me and I will show you why. When I first came to the US, I was embarrassed that instead of a beautiful ceramic indoor toilet, we had a round hole cut in the ground, in a small wooden outhouse. What I didn't know was that I wasn't the only one. In the 1800's, with the advent of indoor plumbing, the throne-like water closets - that before were reserved for royalty - became available to lay people. The fad started in Great Britain and soon the English colonies followed suit. The new indoor water closets with a sitting toilet were seen as [...]

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8 Things I have learned from My Laparsocopic Appendectomy

Almost a year ago I was rushed to the ER with debilitating abdominal pain, a low grade fever, and nausea. A few hours later, after a myriad of tests, I was wheeled into the surgery room for a laparoscopic appendectomy. The entire experience still feels like a dream - a bad dream really. On Saturday afternoon I was fine, enjoying the sunshine and hanging out with friends, and by Monday morning I was severely drugged and hooked to an IV, in a post-surgery bed looking like I had been run over by a truck. The next day while I was taking a walk through the hospital hallway, propped up by my husband, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I was horrified! A pale, stooped creature with sunken eyes, wearing an over-sized pale blue hospital robe looked back at me. Talk about feeling your own mortality! Needless to say I took my recovery very seriously! After [...]

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My Laparoscopic Appendectomy

A trip to the Emergency Room   Our last weekend started like any other: reading books, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. The nausea began Saturday afternoon while we were enjoying a good cup of tea and an interesting conversation at J-Tea. I chose to ignore it at first and attributed it to my overly abundant fresh fruit snack. But the nausea continued, eventually followed by sharp stabbing pains in my back. While my husband was driving me home, I threw up for the third time in my life; at this point I knew something was really wrong. I decided it was probably food poisoning and began self-medicating with mineral water, Swedish bitters, and probiotics. By 9 pm I developed a 102.4 fever and chills. I took some Tylenol PM and went to bed thinking maybe I had the stomach flu. On Sunday morning I woke up feeling much better; no [...]

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