Spending 3 Days in Naxos, Greece

Did you know that Greece has over 6,000 islands and islets scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which “only” 227 islands are inhabited? How do you choose which one to visit? Luckily for us we had my Greek friend Sofia to guide us through the avalanche of information about this topic. Ultimately, we settled on two islands: one popular with the locals (Naxos), and one very touristic but considered the most beautiful of them all (Santorini). After an incredible 48 hour experience of touring Athens we were ready for our next adventure. 5am found us sleepily packing our bags and brushing our teeth in a hurry to catch the Blue Star Ferry boat to Naxos. The ride to port of Pirreaus was lively and our taxi driver gave us tips on the food we should try on the islands. “Make sure to try the Naxos potatoes. They are [...]

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Athens

Before embarking on our trip to Greece I researched it tirelessly for about two months. The more I read the more stressed out I got; I had no idea which islands we should visit or how long our stay in Athens should be. I wish I could brag and say that I figured it all out by myself but I didn’t. I cheated. One of my readers is from Athens. And as soon as she heard about my travel plans she walked me through many details and helped me make the right choices for a safe, cost effective, and fascinating visit. I will be forever grateful! My husband and I had planned for my in laws to join us. So it was four of us in Greece for ten days: two days in Athens, three on the island of Naxos, and four on Santorini. We were coming from Moldova, where [...]

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An Afternoon in Amsterdam

Read part one, Traveling is Easy, Life is Hard, first. It’s been more than six hours since takeoff. Clayton and I are intently watching the sleeping guy sitting next to me, chin touching his chest, gingerly balancing a plastic cup of Coke on his lap. “He is going to drop it now.” I whisper, chuckling. The cup tips over for a second but then straightens back up as soon as he inhales. Although we are amused by our neighbor's beverage acrobatics we are mostly jealous and impressed by his ability to sleep through the ten hour flight. Absolutely all of it. We both sigh. I am not sure what to expect once we land in Amsterdam. Due to missing our trans-Atlantic flight, we get only half a day, instead of a three day visit, before we have to catch a flight to Romania. An hour later, my neighbor is apologizing [...]

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Dairy and Gluten Intolerance on an Alaskan Cruise

Which one of the below statements do you think is false? During my Alaskan cruise, I... A) didn't see a single whale. B) had the ability to avoid gluten and dairy in my meals. C) ate a big fat soft serve ice cream cone. Instead of giving away the right answer, I'm going to be mean and keep you in suspense for a few more paragraphs. Trust me, the answer is a little surprising. Clean Eating, Hypochondria, and Alaskan Cruises As thrilled as I was about going on an Alaskan cruise with my husband's family, I was also very nervous about the food situation...  Last fall I got chicken pox. Although my body fought the virus like a champ and less than ten days later I was pretty much all better, there was one thing that changed. My gut. It was never really the same. I've been cautious with gluten [...]

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