Polenta Bruscheta

The most creative recipes in our home come to life around the end of the week, when we're trying to scramble together the last contents of our fridge and pantry shelves into something delicious and nutritious. Its a challenge I like to take on although, the results can be hit or miss. Thank goodness I'm married to someone who loves my food, and after seeing me pluck and gut a chicken thinks I am going to be the next Julia Child ;-) This last Friday night I got lucky. One of our friends gave us a whole jar of fresh homemade goat cheese and another friend brought me fresh tomatoes from her garden. I put these two ingredients on the kitchen table and started raiding the fridge: a few slices of bacon, a block of cheddar cheese, two sticks of butter, and some leftover Masa Harina. As soon I saw [...]

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Corn Tortillas

When I informed my husband that I was done buying tortillas at the store  since I can easily make my own for way cheaper at home, he gave me a "my wife is the coolest" look and a high five. What I didn't tell him is that I never made my own tortillas. In fact, having been a wild child in a small farming community in Eastern Europe, the first time I even had a burrito was when I came to the US. So I am still a newbie to cooking Mexican cuisine. Last week I put frozen peas in chili... it was an accident I swear!  I even tried to pick them out before I handed my husband his bowl but he noticed and he's been making fun of me since. So I went to the store and, for  just a  couple bucks, bought Masa Harina, which means "flour [...]

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Sweet and Spicy Carnitas Tacos

This last weekend I went to an herbalism conference and had the honor of listening to the author of this book speak in front of more than three hundred people. My girlfriend and I were sipping one some herbal tea when we got a whiff of something delicious from a cart called Gastronomad next door. During the break, we ran outside to try what ended up being some out-of-this-world tacos, made with fresh local meat and produce from inside a little van. When I got home I described them to my husband; then I mentioned them before we went to bed; and then I described them again to him when we woke up; and then later while we were eating breakfast. Clayton, being the good man that he is, drove to the butcher shop, and came back with a pork shoulder. When he saw my confused face he said "We are making those [...]

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Coconut Mango Avocado Smoothie

The other day I walked into the kitchen and one of my housemates had me sample her smoothie. I just about died and went to heaven. It was creamy, sweet, and refreshing! It had only two ingredients: mango and full fat coconut milk.  I wanted to drink the whole glass, but I exercised some self control and ran to the store to buy the ingredients so I could make one myself! Since it was close to dinnertime, I decided to throw in an avocado for some extra fatty goodness. When the husband came home I gave him a glass of this concoction, and when I asked what he wanted for dinner,  he told me he was stuffed, like he ate a whole rack of ribs. Score for me since our kitchen is a sauna in the summer!   I love this smoothie because it's delicious, gluten free, sugar free, easy [...]

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Kefir Cheese Suspended in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Has your raw milk ever turned sour? Perhaps you left it out for too long and it separated? It happens. The bad news that it probably tastes too strong to drink (unless you are my dad -  he drinks soured milk, old borscht, and stale bread. Yea, my dad is cool like that.) But don't throw it out! Your milk hasn't gone bad, it has simply changed forms. Now is your chance to make some delicious homemade cheese. In Moldova, I learned to make this particular cheese at a very young age. Unlike other cheeses, its quite simple and the only thing it absolutely requires is a jar or two of raw milk. We often use it to make various cheese-breads, spread it on toast, or even feed the chickens with it if it's too sour for us! Yes, little chicks love this simple cheese. When I began making this [...]

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Hearty Summer Salad

Summer has finally arrived in Eugene - and how. My apartment feels like a steam room and I can barely go outside for five minutes before feeling like I need to jump in a swimming pool. Consequently, I have avoided making any foods in the kitchen that requires too much bustling about or standing over the stove top. Plus, I seem to crave hydrating foods that don't increase my body temperature. So I have been eating lots of salads, fruit,  juices, and jellos. But, while I am munching on lots of cooling light foods, I still require the usual dose of fats due to my hypoglycemia. This salad is a compromise between my two cravings - fresh mixed greens, onions, carrots, and tomatoes, paired with  bacon, avocados and eggs. It is hearty and delicious, and super easy to make especially if you don't want to spend more than 20 minutes [...]

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Raw Coconut Energy Bites

Yesterday the early sun light found me curled up on the couch under a mint green blanket reading a massive nutrition textbook. After several hours of reviewing materials I promised myself a treat to help me stay focused  so I dragged myself to the kitchen in search of something to feed my brain; something containing glucose paired with some good, stable fats for a slow absorption. After staring at my refrigerator shelf for about ten minutes I moved on to the pantry, scanning all the shelves and grabbing out random little goodies. The results of my little expedition were these amazing treats which gave me plenty of brain power to keep studying and ace my test ;-) Ingredients: 1 cup pitless dried medjool dates, find it here 1 cup of dried cranberry   1/4 cup of cacao, find it here 2 tablespoons of  chia seeds, find it here 1/2 cup of [...]

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Humble Homemade Frittata

I love quiches... the crispy, buttery crust, the creamy filling, the savory aroma...  Then one day I discovered that gluten upsets my digestion, and my love for quiches... continued, except that I stopped eating them. I just longingly watched and smelled them from a distance. For a while, I tried to just scrape the filling out, but somehow that wasn't as satisfying. Then one day I decided to just make a quiche with no crust (in other words, a frittata), and add potatoes as a starch. The results were delicious, and I never went back to craving quiches, except maybe sometimes, when I smell that buttery crust ;-) This is one of our favorite make ahead breakfasts/dinners. It's easy to make, cheap, and nutritious. Today I made it right before I went to work, stuck it in the fridge, and had my husband place it in the oven when he [...]

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Homemade Tooth Paste Recipe

  Three years ago I threw away my conventional tooth paste and started my epic search for an effective alternative. Why? You will find the long answer in Nigel Ramiel's book Cure Tooth Decay and Weston Price's Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. I can give you a short answer here. Conventional tooth paste is loaded with sodium flouride, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, and dye. You can click on the links I included to find out what and how many side effects they have. For example, according to the environmental working group: Propylene glycol can cause a whole host of problems. It is rated a-4, which is categorized as a “moderate” health issue. It has been shown to be linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive issues, allergies/immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity and endocrine disruption. It has been found to provoke skin irritation and sensitization in humans as low as 2% concentration, while the industry review panel recommends [...]

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Strawberry Jello!

The weather for the last couple of weeks has been gorgeous. The veil finally lifted off the gloomy, foggy, mossy, overcast Northwest and we are enjoying clear skies, 80 degree weather, and sunshine. Needless to say I have been pretty excited about the chance to absorb some real vitamin D and, of course, starting to be more physically active outside. There has been one slight drawback though: my kitchen gets very hot in the summer so I haven't made much broth lately, and as I explained in this post, I want to drink more broth because of all the healing properties it has for the joints, digestive, and immune systems. Once the weather got nice, and it got progressively warmer outside and in, I ordered some gelatin to compensate for the lack of yummy broth simmering in the kitchen. For centuries traditional cultures have simmered skin, cartilage, and bones for long [...]

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