Meat Loaf Recipe

Dear Meatloaf, I'm sorry I so grossly misunderstood you when we first met over ten years ago, my first year in American college. I thought you were kind of ugly, dry, and bland. I was slightly appalled at the idea of eating just a wad of ground beef slathered in ketchup. I called you meat bread and would publicly refuse to eat you.  But once I started cooking for myself and incorporating some of the American foods I saw others making, I decided to give you another chance. After all, Clayton liked you so much - how could he be so wrong? But I cheated a little. I couldn't accept who you were, but like all true love, I know you could be something better. I mixed you with pork and wrapped you in bacon. I replaced the ketchup with a homemade tomato glaze, sauce and switched out your breadcrumbs bread [...]

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Pizza

I never thought pizza would happen for me again after I gave up dairy last November. As I browsed through my recipe list, I sadly scratched pizza off the meals I could still enjoy. I'd been making pretty darn good gluten-free pizza for a few years now, but pizza with no cheese, I mean, come one, what's the point? Well, turns out I was wrong. I changed my mind a few months ago  when my brother and sister in law (Me Gusta Mentequila!) made this delicious gluten-free, dairy-free pizza while I was visiting them for my birthday. It was amazing, and I haven't been able to get enough. Since then I've made it a few times myself and honed in what works best for me. The secret ingredient for this pizza is pesto. Dairy-free, delicious, creamy pesto. Here's how: Pesto Ingredients 1/3 cup of almonds 1/4 cup of avocado oil, find [...]

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Superbowl Recipe Roundup (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free!)

Tomorrow is the Superbowl and although I am not  a huge fan of professional sports (at all, really) I absolute love the food and the fellowship that often forms around it. Lately, things have been tough at gatherings like these, since I have been both dairy and gluten free. Fortunately, there are a lot of great cooks out there with similar needs, and the list of amazing recipes out there you can use to create wonderful healthy spread that avoids the gluten and diary just keeps growing. Not only are these snacks gluten and dairy free, but they are also made out of wholesome delicious ingredients. So this year toss the dorritos and give these real food options a chance. I promise you wont regret it. First things first, lets talk about main courses. Don't worry there are some lightweight veggie dips coming too.  Here is a low carb twist [...]

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Heavenly Oatmeal

I was never a big fan of oatmeal. It just never tasted good to me. I love my eggs and bacon in the morning, but sometimes you just don't have time for it. Since my recent dietary changes and my (hopefully) temporary lactose intolerance, I had to give up things like my jar of whole milk for breakfast on the run. That's when I rediscovered oatmeal, but with a twist that makes it just heavenly, and oh so healing for your digestive tract. The secret, as usual, is in the toppings ;) I know, I know, its a lot of carbs and sugar. So I don't eat this every day and if I'm going to, it better have some good fats - coconut oil is a great candidate.  Raw honey and freshly crushed peanut butter or almond butter are great compliments. Don't knock it till you try it. For a [...]

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Roasted Pork Loin With Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Looking for something fancy, delicious, and easy to make  for the holidays? Pork loin is a great option. It takes less than an hour and the results can be incredible. We made it for almost sixty guests two weeks ago at an early Christmas party and it was a hit. Plus, it caters to those who forgo dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, corn, etc. Pork loin is delightful by itself, but it's also a blank slate just waiting for some holiday cheer in the form of a tasty topping like sauteed apples, or in this case, cranberry sauce - we still had some left over from Thanksgiving. Thank you Elizabeth for the wonderful photo. I was too busy running around in the kitchen trying to get the rest of the dishes ready. Plus my photo wouldn't have looked this good anyways;) Ingredients Pork Loin Sea Salt Pepper Lard or butter if you [...]

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Snack Recipe Round Up

Sigh... Something in my diet is making my skin angry. Very angry. So I put on my detective hat and started investigating. Its not my detergent, since I only use washing soda, or my bath products, since I only use Dr Bronner's (and a lovely olive oil based soap one of my readers sent me from Greece!). Its not my make-up, since, well, I don't really use make up. So, that leaves food allergies.  Since I'm already gluten free, I decided to remove dairy for a while and see if my symptoms subside at all. So far, I have been off dairy for almost three weeks. My skin rash does look much better, but it's not gone entirely. I'm planning to continue my elimination diet to see if there are any other offenders, but I wont take eggs, corn, or nuts out until after the holidays. Being gluten and dairy free [...]

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Citrus Immune-Boosting Smoothie

For over a week I have been fighting a nasty sore throat that took away most of my voice and all of my energy. At first hot tea was soothing, but as my fever went up, the idea of drinking anything hot made feel like I would combust. So instead, I stumbled into my kitchen in an attempt to make myself something cooling and full of vitamin C. I had also barely eaten all day, but couldn't work up an appetite for dinner. I was going to try and simulate this recipe, but after looking through the kitchen I realized all I had was limes and oranges. But this didn't stop me; I really wanted that smoothie! So I made a pretty basic recipe, but it turned out delightful!  I love this smoothie for  a few reasons: It is delicious. You could serve it for desert at a dinner party with a sprig [...]

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Paleo Baba Ghanoush with Gluten Free Crackers

Recently I have been struggling with  good old eczema, which has decided to make a "flashy" return all around my mouth. It's always such a blow to my self-esteem when it comes back, especially when it settles in right on my face :(! While in the past I have resorted to steroid creams, which caused a severe staph infection on my face four years ago, now I know better. So gluten had to go, completely, even my sour dough spelt and rye crackers. As hard as it was to give up these delicious foods, the irritated red rash on my face was even more devastating.  However, cooking gluten-free can be a challenge. Imagine how excited I was when my sister in law, Caitlin, who blogs at Grass Fed Girl, published her Paleo Mediterranean cookbook. These recipes are all gluten free and many of them are also dairy free, with easy [...]

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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Round Up

I didn't grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but I have learned to really love this holiday since I made the US my second home. I love the turkey, the stuffing, the salads, the desserts, but above all I love the fellowship and the opportunity to give thanks and express gratitude for the precious people in my life.  Still, food is important and nutritious food cooked from scratch is something your body will also be thankful for during the holidays. So let's forget store bought stuffing, cans of mushrooms soup, the bags of chips and make some real food for the holidays! Tell me you don't want to make all of these dishes for Thanksgiving!?They are all gluten free and will turn your table into a symphony of colors. If you are having a smaller Thanksgiving or the idea of preparing a whole turkey is overwhelming , this easy to make delicious recipe for [...]

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Cream of Mushroom Soup

A few days ago one of our dear friends brought us a big paper bag of freshly picked Chanterelle mushrooms from the Oregon coast. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see these precious little caps...  until I saw my husband's face. Clayton is not a fan of mushrooms. He will eat one or two, if they're mixed with other ingredients. "What are you planning to do with all these mushrooms?" Came the rather hesitant question. "I don't know. Sneak them into your chilli like I do with chicken liver." I replied teasingly. Clayton's face gets even more serious so I cut out the joking. " No sweetie, I was thinking we could make some mushroom soup with lots of good cream, chicken broth, garlic, leeks, and some other delicious stuff. "Oh ok. That sounds like it could turn out pretty good." I breathe a sigh of relief. So [...]

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