Wholesome Family Farm: A Raw Milk Photo Essay

Yesterday we visited Wholesome Family Farm. This is a photo-essay dedicated to what we saw at a small dairy farm here in Oregon. I am not recommending this one, above others. I believe that everyone should visit the farms they choose to purchase the milk themselves and decide if it is up to their standard of cleanliness and quality.  For more information on other dairy farms in Oregon and the rest of US visit realmilk. We were thrilled to hear that they sell not only raw milk but butter and cream also! The dairy is only a year old and it has nine cows. Joe and his wife Cammie gave us a tour. Note: See my posts, the Problem With Milk Part I and Part II - Problem Solved, to read more about the benefits and risks of drinking raw milk. When we stepped onto their farm this delightful lady met us with [...]

Deck Family Farm – A Photo Essay

Today we visited Deck Family Farm. We have been interested in joining their CSA for a while now, but we wanted to see their animals first. The farm is open to visitors every day except Sunday. You do not need to make an appointment. The entrance is closed so the animals don't get away, but you can remove the latch pretty easily and drive on in. The Deck family's house. We spied employees preparing a wonderful-smelling community lunch in the kitchen. We were welcomed by a few workers who were more than happy to answer our questions and show us around. The manager of the farm gave us a tour, but he said you can always visit the animals by yourself, if you want! The first stop was the chicken house were this beautiful lady serves as the guard against wild predators. She was so excited when she saw new faces that she [...]

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Early-Season Saturday Market: A Photo Essay

Yesterday we went to the Eugene Saturday Farmer's Market. Yes, it is finally open! While it is pretty early in the season, there is still plenty of produce to choose from. For now they are only open from 9am to 2pm. The first thing we enjoyed was some tasty homemade salsa made by one of the local farmers. It was delicious!  Each stand is loaded with fresh produce ready to be taken home. For now, mostly cruciferous veggies.  Fresh carrots for soups, juicing, and salads. Gargantuan cabbages for sauerkraut, soups, and salads. Beautiful beets for salads and garnishes.  Bright red-stemmed chard for steaming and soups.  And fresh kale, mixed greens, and herbs for salads and steaming.  We talked to the farmers about their produce. They were eager to give us details and answer any of our questions. We bought most of our produce from this farm because of how fresh and vibrant [...]

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What then shall we eat?

In my two previous posts I tried to elaborate on what makes conventional food dangerous and why organic food is not perfect. My purpose is not to confuse the reader, but simply to offer enough information on both sides so that we can all make informed decisions about the food we choose to purchase. We have established that conventional produce is full of deadly pesticides. Unfortunately we also discovered that organic has it's own set of issues. Most organic companies selling at whole food stores have become too gigantic to still adhere to the same principles established at People's Park in 1969. They are looking for ways to cheat the system and yet maintain the idyllic image of the hippie family farm. Still while organic has become corrupted over the years, the choices it offers are better than conventional. Even if some of the bigger organic companies use some pesticides, [...]

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