The No Poo Method: Doable or Disgusting?

After witnessing the public shaming/bullying of my best friend Jackie who blogs at LittleOwlCrunchyMama on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda (and the appalling flood of disgusted, unthoughtful, unkind comments questioning everything from Jackie's hygiene to her child rearing, integrity, intelligence, appearance, and so on when they shared the segment of their Facebook page) I decided now would be a good time to speak up about hair hygiene, shampoo health risks, and no-poo alternatives. Here is the segment to which I refer, at about 6.40 minutes in. WARNING: You're about to see some really mind-numblingly awful journalism.  While I was busy writing on the Today show's Facebook page demanding they offer an apology to my friend my phone rang. "I know you'll be honest with me.  Do you think my hair looks disgusting?" Jackie asked me as her image was getting slaughtered in the press. I cringed. My friend is [...]

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Aromatherapy Christmas Gifts

Let's face it. As delightful as Christmas is, there are a few parts that can be stressful. Wanna know what stresses me out the most? Presents!  I know, you too... and while I would love to get all of my friends and family the newest version of Vitamix, I am afraid its out of my price range. So we do simple presents like books, hand knit scarves or socks, locally made body care products, personal letters, loose leaf teas, raw honey, etc. This year our last minute gifts turned out to be homemade Aromatherapy sprays! I chose lemongrass oil for its amazing anti-stress properties. Spray it in your home and you will feel like you walked right into a spa! Haven't made these before? Don't worry - its easy! Ingredients Filtered water Essential oil of your choice. I like this brand. Spritzer bottle. Find these cute blue ones here. Directions Pour [...]

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Can’t Sleep? One Sweet Natural Remedy

Confession - the last few weeks have been incredibly stressful and busy for our little family, and while my husband falls asleep after we turn off the light, guess what I do? I lay awake worrying about everything. Due to the lack of sleep, I have sort of turned into a zombie, and then for the first time in years I got the sore throat half my housemates have, and I got it bad.To give you some back story, I don't really get colds often. My husband jokes that I have the immunity of a horse, but apparently not if I don't get enough sleep. Before I introduce you a natural sleep remedy most of you already have in your kitchen, let me tell you what I've tried before. Valerian Root This is an herb that appears to have a sedative/hypnotic effect on the brain and nervous system. While I love [...]

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You’re Pooping Wrong

Did you know that: A) Appendicitis, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, hernias, diverticulosis, and hemorrhoids all may be caused by improper fecal elimination. B) I grew up using only an outhouse. Although you might be puzzled, both of these statements have more in common than you think. Stay with me and I will show you why. When I first came to the US, I was embarrassed that instead of a beautiful ceramic indoor toilet, we had a round hole cut in the ground, in a small wooden outhouse. What I didn't know was that I wasn't the only one. In the 1800's, with the advent of indoor plumbing, the throne-like water closets - that before were reserved for royalty - became available to lay people. The fad started in Great Britain and soon the English colonies followed suit. The new indoor water closets with a sitting toilet were seen as [...]

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The 21st Century Athlete: 5 Ways to Fuel for Performance, Recovery and Immunity

I am excited to introduce you all to my friend and classmate, Jules' Fuel, who is also working towards her MS in Holistic Nutrition. Julia and I met online about a year ago after one of our professors mentioned her blog to me. We got in touch right away and struck a friendship. I really enjoy all of Julia's first hand knowledge about the world of athletes and sports nutrition. Today she is going to talk about ways to fuel your body  for an excellent physical performance. I don't know about you, but I want to hear what she has to say since she has to feed a 6' 11'' professional basketball player on a daily basis! Don't forget to like Julia's Facebook page! She has some great resources there! From Jules' Fuel Every night around 11 PM, a large mammal lurks in my kitchen with wide, hazel eyes. He scans the cupboards [...]

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What to Eat when You are Flying

"Attention. Flight 9876 will not be taking off at three due to maintenance issues. We will be delayed for another hour.  Thank you for flying with American Airlines. We will keep you updated." After this announcement I texted my husband while munching on an apple that I would most likely spend the night in the Dallas airport. My intuition proved to be correct... The worst part of getting stuck in an airport - besides the fact that you might end up sleeping on the floor - is the the sub-par food. Not only is it extremely expensive but it is for the most part very low quality unless you are ready to throw 30 or 40 bucks at some pseudo-fancy restaurant, and even then don't count on your food coming from conscionable sources... And really, flying is just plain stressful anyways. You have to go through security and be constantly [...]

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Are You Dreading the Winter Holidays?

I love food. I love making it, I love eating it, and I love sharing it with people. Food is one of the few things left that can bring us all together for a couple of hours away from our smart phones, car seats, and busy schedules. Food can create a safe environment for good conversation, honesty, and community building. Plus, there is the added benefit that wholesome, traditional foods are extremely nourishing for both emotional and physical health.   But do not let me fool you. I have not always viewed food as a great bonding venue and elixir of health. The last thing on my mind when I was in high school was to become a nutritional consultant. I was too busy being annoyed with the raw kefir and farm fresh eggs my mother would serve me for breakfast instead of the store bought cookies and fake soy yogurt my [...]

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Ten Ways to Save Money While Eating Healthy

When I first came to the US I was horrified by the food prices. I remember walking into a grocery store and feeling completely overwhelmed. After ten minutes of shopping my brain shut down and I walked out. I gave my grocery list to my host mother and waited in the car. My college years were spent avoiding the supermarket as much as I could. Slowly, I began scouting out boutique grocery stores, farmer's markets, and local butcher shops. I was raised on grass fed meat, raw milk, and fresh produce from our vegetable garden, and and I began to seach for ways to obtain the same kind of nutritious foods I grew up on, but without spending a fortune. It took me a couple of years, but I finally found ways to offer my family nutritious food on a tight budget. Here are ten rules that have helped me: 1. Eat food [...]

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Guest Post: Confessions of a Baby Boomer

Are you frustrated with American health care? Are you concerned for the future of your children? Do some of your family members live in nursing homes? Do you want want to stop supporting a system that is more interested in corporate profit than the health of your family? There are many ways we can make a difference. It is up to us to drop out of the old, broken systems of the conventional health care, and begin building a new one; one that reflects our new - and traditional - values. A few days ago my mother in law, an RN of 30 years, sent me this letter after another difficult day on the job. It was a reminder about what I stand for and why I am seeking a career in holistic nutrition Thank you for sharing Grace.You inspire me! For the past thirty years, I have been involved in the management of chronic disease [...]

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Healthy Backpacking Food: A Photo Essay

Every day thousands of avid backpackers hike into the woods seeking the opportunity relieve some of the stress of the fast-paced and complex technical civilization, discipline their bodies while reducing their luxuries, and be nurtured by the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. But unfortunately many of these same people, seeking to increase efficiency by cutting weight, prep time, complexity, and spoilage, end up polluting their bodies with junk food that actually saps their energy and makes them sick - not a healthy and refreshing experience. Why should a visit to nature be defiled by food-from-a-box? Partly, eating healthy on the trail presents difficulties. But mostly, this mistake is due to a well established culture within the backpacking community of relying on two things: 1) high-carb, "high-energy" foods like granola, dried fruit covered in sugar and vegetable oil, and instant pasta; 2) high-tec, pre-packaged snacks, like power bars and energy gels. By and large, these foods are terrible for you in any context, [...]

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