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Dumb Chicken/Smart Chicken

“How are my sweet friends doing today?” I ask in a baby voice, careful to walk softly without disturbing them too much. My chickens eye me lazily from the tall grass. “Did you guys have nice day so far?” While I am doing my usual crazy chicken lady speech I check on their water levels. All good. It’s a hundred degrees outside. I rushed out of work like a madwoman afraid they might have run out of water in my absence. I worry about many things in my life; my chickens’ livelihood is high on the priority list. It is not dinner time yet. Only 4 pm, the sun is still high, my breezy living room seems much more appealing than being out in the orchard where the heat almost cuts into my lungs. The trees are graciously protecting me from the direct sunlight but it’s not enough. My birds [...]

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Spending 3 Days in Naxos, Greece

Did you know that Greece has over 6,000 islands and islets scattered throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which “only” 227 islands are inhabited? How do you choose which one to visit? Luckily for us we had my Greek friend Sofia to guide us through the avalanche of information about this topic. Ultimately, we settled on two islands: one popular with the locals (Naxos), and one very touristic but considered the most beautiful of them all (Santorini). After an incredible 48 hour experience of touring Athens we were ready for our next adventure. 5am found us sleepily packing our bags and brushing our teeth in a hurry to catch the Blue Star Ferry boat to Naxos. The ride to port of Pirreaus was lively and our taxi driver gave us tips on the food we should try on the islands. “Make sure to try the Naxos potatoes. They are [...]

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How We Became Ranchers Overnight

Remember when you were a kid and you told your cousin you were going to be an astronaut when you grew up and they split their ribs laughing at you. That time you stood there speechless watching them point a mocking finger at you while your cheeks burned with shame. You vowed then you would never mention it to anyone again, not even to your own mama. As an adult I felt a similar anxiety about our dream of becoming farmers. There was a distant cousin in the form of our bank account laughing any time my husband and I daydreamed about how rewarding it would be to raise our own chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, and cows. I could tell it wasn’t going to happen, so I gave up and moved on, embracing our downtown apartment lifestyle. But my husband didn’t, and I was frustrated by his unwillingness to give [...]

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How to Spend 48 Hours in Athens

Before embarking on our trip to Greece I researched it tirelessly for about two months. The more I read the more stressed out I got; I had no idea which islands we should visit or how long our stay in Athens should be. I wish I could brag and say that I figured it all out by myself but I didn’t. I cheated. One of my readers is from Athens. And as soon as she heard about my travel plans she walked me through many details and helped me make the right choices for a safe, cost effective, and fascinating visit. I will be forever grateful! My husband and I had planned for my in laws to join us. So it was four of us in Greece for ten days: two days in Athens, three on the island of Naxos, and four on Santorini. We were coming from Moldova, where [...]

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Why I Don’t Want Children – Yet

I’m seven days late and while my husband fixes us breakfast I run into the bathroom to check again. Maybe I missed it the last time I went to pee. Nope. “I guess I won’t be having any drinks tonight at our dinner party.” I finally start some morning conversation with my other half. He looks up from his plate of food confused. “Why not?” I roll my eyes. Is he serious. “Because I might be pregnant. Remember?” My reply is a bit more biting than I meant it to sound, emphasizing the “remember”. But I’m freaking out inside and his nonchalance is grinding on my nerves. “Oh… yeah… well why don’t you take a test before everyone gets here.” Great suggestion, Honey. Why not. I’ll find out that I’m four weeks pregnant right before I have to host a bunch of people, and since I can't tell them I’m [...]

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What to Eat when You are Flying

"Attention. Flight 9876 will not be taking off at three due to maintenance issues. We will be delayed for another hour.  Thank you for flying with American Airlines. We will keep you updated." After this announcement I texted my husband while munching on an apple that I would most likely spend the night in the Dallas airport. My intuition proved to be correct... The worst part of getting stuck in an airport - besides the fact that you might end up sleeping on the floor - is the the sub-par food. Not only is it extremely expensive but it is for the most part very low quality unless you are ready to throw 30 or 40 bucks at some pseudo-fancy restaurant, and even then don't count on your food coming from conscionable sources... And really, flying is just plain stressful anyways. You have to go through security and be constantly [...]

June 12th, 2013|Categories: Healthy Lifestyle|3 Comments

Greek Lamb Burgers

We recently visited Deck family farm and purchased a meat CSA box from them. These delicious burgers were made with the ground lamb we got from them. I confess that since I moved to the USA I have been unable to eat lamb. It never tastes as good as the lamb my grandparents raised - at least until I had these lamb burgers. Deck Family's meat lacks that too-strong sheepy taste that some lamb meat has, but still retains a robust and unique flavor. The feta cheese, cumin mayo, and marinated onions compliment the meat with zesty overtones. Grass-fed lamb is extremely nutritious for your body. It contains nearly as much omega 3 fatty acid as fish, as well as vitamin B3, B12, Selenium, Zinc, and Phosphorus - but only if it is grass fed! The recipe will again be presented by my husband, since he cooks burgers just right and I snap the pictures. ; ) [...]

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