My Expat Life: Necessities vs. Luxuries

My dear readers many of you have expressed interest in learning more about my life in Moldova before I came to  America. Your  support has meant a lot to me as I am learning how to process my childhood and the impact it had on who I am. Today I am guest posting for one of my favorite bloggers, Ariana at And Here We Are, who like me is an expat. The topic of the post is necessities vs luxuries. “So what was the biggest culture shock you experienced when you came to America?” is a frequently asked question that I always I struggle to answer. During my freshman and and sophomore year I would shrug my shoulders and smile, not even knowing where to begin. Once I became a junior, I decided I needed to have an answer. To continue reading follow me on the And Here We Are blog where I [...]

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Dairy and Gluten Intolerance on an Alaskan Cruise

Which one of the below statements do you think is false? During my Alaskan cruise, I... A) didn't see a single whale. B) had the ability to avoid gluten and dairy in my meals. C) ate a big fat soft serve ice cream cone. Instead of giving away the right answer, I'm going to be mean and keep you in suspense for a few more paragraphs. Trust me, the answer is a little surprising. Clean Eating, Hypochondria, and Alaskan Cruises As thrilled as I was about going on an Alaskan cruise with my husband's family, I was also very nervous about the food situation...  Last fall I got chicken pox. Although my body fought the virus like a champ and less than ten days later I was pretty much all better, there was one thing that changed. My gut. It was never really the same. I've been cautious with gluten [...]

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