For a long time, I relied on the medical establishment for advice. Every doctor’s visited reaffirmed that I did not know the first thing about health, and I relied on them for guidance. I tried to drink in every little piece of information they bestowed upon me, but unfortunately they didn’t give me much to work with. A visit to the doctor didn’t usually take more than five minutes with an actual doctor (although I would wait for hours in the various staging rooms) and I always came home with list of questions I didn’t get to ask since the whole thing was so “efficient”.

Since doctors didn’t seem to have much time for me, I turned to books and the internet to do my own research. They pushed me to take my health into my own hands and make my own choices, and while real doctors are and usually will be more educated than I, that doesn’t mean that I should give up, stop learning, and stop becoming more independent.

My curiosity made me enroll in a MS in Holistic Nutrition, start this blog, it made me read books from the likes of Weston Price, Robb Wolf, Cate Shannhan, Michael Pollan, and more, and it made me sign up for this FREE five-day seminar at which some of my favorite authors and bloggers will be speaking! I get giddy just thinking about it! Check out the schedule you guys!

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How the New Year, New You Summit Works

Starting January 13th and running through January 17th, on each day during this free online conference, 6 – 7 presentations will be posted on the New Year, New You Summit website.

The presentations will be available for FREE. But they will only stream for 24 hours (from midnight to midnight Pacific time). So you can watch them that day after work, while your babies nap, or as you’re cleaning your house, making dinner or simply enjoying a glass of wine on your couch.

At the end of each 24-hour period, that day’s presentations will come down and 5 new presentations will be posted. This will continue each day until the conference ends at midnight Pacific on January 17th.

 Sign up for the New Year, New You Summit, here.


Hope to see you there-:)