Let’s face it. As delightful as Christmas is, there are a few parts that can be stressful. Wanna know what stresses me out the most? Presents!  I know, you too… and while I would love to get all of my friends and family the newest version of Vitamix, I am afraid its out of my price range. So we do simple presents like books, hand knit scarves or socks, locally made body care products, personal letters, loose leaf teas, raw honey, etc.

This year our last minute gifts turned out to be homemade Aromatherapy sprays!

I chose lemongrass oil for its amazing anti-stress properties. Spray it in your home and you will feel like you walked right into a spa! Haven’t made these before? Don’t worry – its easy!



  • Filtered water
  • Essential oil of your choice. I like this brand.
  • Spritzer bottle. Find these cute blue ones here.


  1. Pour 10-15 drops of essential oil into the spritzer bottle, depending on how big your bottle is. If you think it’s too weak, you can always add a few more drops. This is not an exact science.
  2. Fill the bottle up with filtered water.
  3. Voila! Your very own aromatherapy spray.

I gave up perfume a few years ago and now I just spray myself with some of my aromatherapy oil in the morning. Not only does it smell good and contains no toxins, but it’s also incredibly soothing for your nervous system. This is a great gift for any time of year, and particularly handy around Christmas time ;-).

Make sure to save a bottle for yourself! You will feel like a new person ready to face that big dinner party!

Happy Holidays!

Love Diana