I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but I have learned to really love this holiday since I made the US my second home. I love the turkey, the stuffing, the salads, the desserts, but above all I love the fellowship and the opportunity to give thanks and express gratitude for the precious people in my life.  Still, food is important and nutritious food cooked from scratch is something your body will also be thankful for during the holidays. So let’s forget store bought stuffing, cans of mushrooms soup, the bags of chips and make some real food for the holidays! Tell me you don’t want to make all of these dishes for Thanksgiving!?They are all gluten free and will turn your table into a symphony of colors.


If you are having a smaller Thanksgiving or the idea of preparing a whole turkey is overwhelming , this easy to make delicious recipe for Sage Rubbed Turkey Breast from Happy Health Nut is perfect.

Healthnut turkey

If you are not having a small gathering and want to cook a whole bird, this recipe looks delightful, plus it comes with the added benefit of gluten free gravy;)

turkey_low carb

A soup before diving into the turkey will relax and appease you digestive tract, especially one made with homemade chicken broth, coconut milk, squash, and apples, like this delicious recipe from The Darling Bakers. (Love the addition of roasted pumpkin seeds.)


 Looking to impress your in-laws? I would recommend making this butternut squash gratin from Oh Lardy.

butternut squash oh lardy

If want to replace some of the pasta dishes this season with something more elegant and unusual, check out this great spiral sweet potatoes and almonds salad from Five Little Homesteaders.

Sweet Potatoes five  little homesteaders

This delicious fermented cranberry sauce from Oh Lardy will help you digest some of the heavier proteins and carbs frequently found in Thanksgiving meals.  Plus it’s made with honey instead of sugar or high corn fructose syrup.

cranberriy sauce oh lardy

Want to spice up your cranberry sauce this year? Check out this spicy jalapeno cilantro cranberry sauce from Eat Naked.


Looking for gluten free stuffing? Look no more. Check out this recipe from Living Low Carb .

stuffing from low carb

Brussels sprouts are my favorite vegetables during the winter holidays. Healy Real Food Vegetarian cooks them right in this lovely recipe.

brussels-sprouts-real heay vegetarian

 It’s Thanksgiving, so we gotta have a green bean casserole. This one doesn’t have canned mushroom soup or dried prepackaged onions or flour, or anything that you don’t want to put in your body. Definitely check out this wholesome nutritious recipe from Grass Fed Girl.

greenbean from grass fed girl

Side dishes like roasted beets are wonderful addition to a holiday meal  plus the added benefit of  phytonutrients and vitamins.  Check out this recipe from The Rising Spoon if you want to try these this holiday.

Roasted Beets 1, The Rising Spoon

Cheesecake is my guilty pleasure but due to my increased sensitivity to gluten lately I can’t cheat, even on Thanksgiving.  Fortunately, I’ll be just fine if I make these amazing grain free brownie cheesecake bars  from The Coconut Mama.


Or if you want to make a pie. I highly recommend this raw key lime pie . The secret ingredient is avocados. It tastes out of this world.


And last but not least consider making a delicious and versatile cranberry mint moose from Happy Health Nut. It looks so fresh, colorful and light for those guests looking for something less heavy than cheesecake brownies or pie.

cranberrymintmousse from happy health nut

 I hope this inspired you and gave you some new ideas for nutritious healthy recipes this Thanksgiving. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday full of delicious food with you friend and family 🙂 And remember chew your food well!