Cream of Mushroom Soup

A few days ago one of our dear friends brought us a big paper bag of freshly picked Chanterelle mushrooms from the Oregon coast. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see these precious little caps...  until I saw my husband's face. Clayton is not a fan of mushrooms. He will eat one or two, if they're mixed with other ingredients. "What are you planning to do with all these mushrooms?" Came the rather hesitant question. "I don't know. Sneak them into your chilli like I do with chicken liver." I replied teasingly. Clayton's face gets even more serious so I cut out the joking. " No sweetie, I was thinking we could make some mushroom soup with lots of good cream, chicken broth, garlic, leeks, and some other delicious stuff. "Oh ok. That sounds like it could turn out pretty good." I breathe a sigh of relief. So [...]

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Chicken Pox Round 2

My Chicken Pox Story " It's 102.5." "Whoa babe! That's quite a fever! I am so sorry. Can I get you anything?" "Maybe another wet towel" comes my congested and slightly coarse answer. "Wouldn't it be crazy if I got the chicken pox again!" I yell after Clayton while he is running cold water on a wash cloth in the bathroom. "Whaaaat?! I can't hear you babe. Do you need anything else?" "I said wouldn't it be funny if I got.... ah never-mind... No! I don't need anything!" "Ok!" Two weeks ago one of our dear friends, Julian, got the chicken pox. I was one of the people who took him to the doctor, brought him food, and ran errands while he was quarantined.  "For most people", according to CDS, "getting chickenpox once provides immunity for life. However, a few people, can get chickenpox more than once, although this is not common." In [...]

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