Strawberry Jello!

The weather for the last couple of weeks has been gorgeous. The veil finally lifted off the gloomy, foggy, mossy, overcast Northwest and we are enjoying clear skies, 80 degree weather, and sunshine. Needless to say I have been pretty excited about the chance to absorb some real vitamin D and, of course, starting to be more physically active outside. There has been one slight drawback though: my kitchen gets very hot in the summer so I haven't made much broth lately, and as I explained in this post, I want to drink more broth because of all the healing properties it has for the joints, digestive, and immune systems. Once the weather got nice, and it got progressively warmer outside and in, I ordered some gelatin to compensate for the lack of yummy broth simmering in the kitchen. For centuries traditional cultures have simmered skin, cartilage, and bones for long [...]

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A Tribute to My Mother

My mother in her early twenties. If I close my eyes I can still see and touch my mother's sleeve as she is kneading bread with a smile in the corner of her mouth. Her face is serene and focused. She always told me you are not allowed to be upset or start a fight while you are making bread. No matter how hard things were sometimes in our family my mother asked us to put it all aside. "The bread turns bitter if people argue or are upset", she said. "There needs to be harmony and peace for the dough to rise." I would sit on one side of the big wooden kneading bowl pouring in fermented  kefir, fresh well water, sea salt, and freshly ground white flour from our wheat fields. She would raise an arm covered in white paste in the air only to slide it back [...]

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8 Things I have learned from My Laparsocopic Appendectomy

Almost a year ago I was rushed to the ER with debilitating abdominal pain, a low grade fever, and nausea. A few hours later, after a myriad of tests, I was wheeled into the surgery room for a laparoscopic appendectomy. The entire experience still feels like a dream - a bad dream really. On Saturday afternoon I was fine, enjoying the sunshine and hanging out with friends, and by Monday morning I was severely drugged and hooked to an IV, in a post-surgery bed looking like I had been run over by a truck. The next day while I was taking a walk through the hospital hallway, propped up by my husband, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I was horrified! A pale, stooped creature with sunken eyes, wearing an over-sized pale blue hospital robe looked back at me. Talk about feeling your own mortality! Needless to say I took my recovery very seriously! After [...]

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