Four weeks ago I took a long break from blogging to spend quality time with my mother, who was visiting from Eastern Europe. I hadn’t seen her in a year and a half, so needless to say I was bouncing off the walls by the time she got off the plane. At first, I thought I could do both: blog and enjoy my mother’s visit. I quickly discovered that as much as I would like to be wonder woman, I am not. So I lowered my expectations and assessed my priorities.

My Mama, on the other hand, is Wonder Woman. She made this beautiful scarf in two days!

My mama
My husband
My community
My schoolwork
My job
Chores and cooking

So instead of being disappointed I didn’t write a post on cholesterol and heart disease or a good steak recipe. I put my lap top aside and did not open it for more than a couple of minutes to check my emails. As a result, I had a wonderful time with my mom.We caught up with each others lives and felt closer than ever.

Quite frankly, it was also nice to take a break from all the technology. At first, I went through withdrawals but then I relaxed. I hadn’t realized how much time I spend on the computer everyday! While I love being connected to everyone via blogging, facebook, emails, online classes, etc, it was a breath of fresh air to put my lap top aside. Life away from the internet seems to move slower, more quietly, less connected to the whole world, but yet more connected to your own self.

So every few months I will take a few days off and disconnect from all of the technology and recharge my batteries with some time alone, or family, dear friends, and good face to face conversations.

Thank you all for visiting the kitchen rag and conversing with me about nutrition, health and just living life. I have learned so much since I first started this blog last winter!

I hope my journey of growth will continue side by side with all of yours..