Are You Dreading the Winter Holidays?

I love food. I love making it, I love eating it, and I love sharing it with people. Food is one of the few things left that can bring us all together for a couple of hours away from our smart phones, car seats, and busy schedules. Food can create a safe environment for good conversation, honesty, and community building. Plus, there is the added benefit that wholesome, traditional foods are extremely nourishing for both emotional and physical health.   But do not let me fool you. I have not always viewed food as a great bonding venue and elixir of health. The last thing on my mind when I was in high school was to become a nutritional consultant. I was too busy being annoyed with the raw kefir and farm fresh eggs my mother would serve me for breakfast instead of the store bought cookies and fake soy yogurt my [...]

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How to Choose a Good Supplement

Purchasing a well balanced multivitamin can be quite a daunting process. I have stared at the supplement aisle completely frozen with indecision many times, often too embarrassed to ask for help. I wasn't even sure what sort of criteria to look for ... price, packaging, label, company, etc. Have you asked yourself on what basis you should buy a multivitamin?  Here are a few major tips I have learned through my micro nutrients class. Remember expensive supplements are not necessarily better! 1.Natural vs Synthetic When you see the word "natural" on a bottle it typically means that there are no questionable additives like food coloring, tar, corn starch, or sugar. The term natural refers to the fact that the supplement does not contain other unnatural ingredients. Here, there is a difference. Supplements that are not labeled natural may also include coal tars, artificial coloring, preservatives, sugars, starch, and sometimes other additives.   The Real [...]

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Are Antioxidants Secretly Saving Your Life?

As the number of degenerative diseases is on the rise so is the search for new cures. Unfortunately, we still haven't discovered a miraculous antidote that would heal our dear ones ravished by cancer, heart attacks, or auto-immune disorders. However, through proper nutrition, stress management, and exercise, we can help prevent some of these debilitating conditions, and in some cases even begin to reverse the damage. Often a depleted immune system is primarily a result of years of free radical damage. What are free radicals? An atom is in a stable form when each electron on the outer shell has a complimentary counterpart spinning in the opposite direction. Beerman (2010) explains that a free radical is an atom that has lost at least one of its complimentary electrons from the outer shell. This loss causes the atom to become highly reactive. It will frantically seek to add back the missing electron(s) to [...]

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