Picking peaches at a local farm.

Many of you have asked me what happened and why I stopped posting. I assure you it is not because I lack ideas and topics to discuss with you all. But my silence has been mostly due to an incredible amount of changes and events that happened one after the other in the last couple of months.

A week after my laparoscopic surgery surgery I witnessed the amazing home birth of my best friend’s, healthy, eight pound six ounce baby girl surrounded by lots of sunshine and love. Between organizing meals, encapsulating Jackie’s placenta, and falling inlove with her baby the blog had to take a break.

Baby Athena, a week old.

Two weeks later we began packing our tiny downtown apartment after we took on the position as house managers for the residence program for the private, liberal arts college my husband and I graduated from. The last couple of weeks have been packed with furniture, literally, boxes of books, pots, pans, new friendships, students,  visiting my in-laws, planning the meal program for the college next year, and lots of pickling.

As we are slowly adjusting to new routines and schedules I am beginning to carve more time for writing and blogging. Thank you all for reading my blog and encouraging me to come back!