Yesterday we went to the Eugene Saturday Farmer’s Market. Yes, it is finally open! While it is pretty early in the season, there is still plenty of produce to choose from. For now they are only open from 9am to 2pm.

The first thing we enjoyed was some tasty homemade salsa made by one of the local farmers. It was delicious! 
Each stand is loaded with fresh produce ready to be taken home. For now, mostly cruciferous veggies. 
Fresh carrots for soups, juicing, and salads.
Gargantuan cabbages for sauerkraut, soups, and salads.
Beautiful beets for salads and garnishes. 
Bright red-stemmed chard for steaming and soups. 
And fresh kale, mixed greens, and herbs for salads and steaming. 
We talked to the farmers about their produce. They were eager to give us details and answer any of our questions. We bought most of our produce from this farm because of how fresh and vibrant their veggies looked.
A common misconception is that the produce is very expensive. It really isn’t. If you were to buy the same produce from the organic aisle at the store, you would pay about the same price, but with less nutrients!
We also got quite a bit of information on local CSA’s. We are in contact with a few of them, trying to decide which one will fit our needs best. 
In the end we spent about $20 at the farmers market. Not bad for this much fresh, organic, non-gmo produce.